Remember the day

Do you remember the day when words slips at your finger tips easily?
Do you remember when you try to understand life through poetry?
Do you remember when you rather die because of depression?
Do you remember than once you were that young?

I remember those days
I remember the pain flowing through letters and words
I remember when I can breathe at the end of line and verse
I remember crying at the end of each poem

I remember the sadness of being new human
not knowing who am I and what lie ahead
I remember hated my own sexuality and wished to be born with penis
I remember questioning god and my existence

Do you remember the days when anger eat away your energy?
Do you remember how tired it is to be sane?
Do you remember how hard it is to be myself?
I just hope you remember how far this journey had been
It’s yours

Daun Ilalang
Bogor, March 2020

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