Greatest Superhero

I am trying to remember my superhero in the early years. A superhero in my term is a person who accidentally has a super power which not coming from The Divine or related to god/gods in certain religions. This is as far as I can remember.

There are three that stand out. First, Wonder Woman because I remember watching the series in TV. I think I was in my elementary school. Then there was The Greatest American Hero. I didn’t know that it was a comedy. For me he was a real hero, a silly unprepared superhero, which I like very much. He was the kind of superhero who didn’t take himself or his super power seriously. The third one is Dragon Ball. Actually, I knew about Kung Fu Boy first but I don’t think he has super power.

Of those three, it was the Greatest American Hero that I like the most. I didn’t remember the name of the character. I just remember that he was a white man, has curly blonde hair, unattractive in the mainstream standard, and he has a weird costume. I think the color of his costume was mostly red. He didn’t have six-pack abs or ideal sexy male body. He was far from that. He can fly but barely able to land safely or gracefully like Superman or Spiderman. I didn’t even know about those two superheroes at that time. But I know that this one was not the perfect kind. Sometimes I think his main power was his ability to make people laugh.

He received a lot of help from his beautiful girlfriend. They were a good team. I like the way they worked together. I like the way they talked and support each other. Also, in a way I think Gatot Kaca, a figure in traditional Javanese puppetry can be classified as a superhero. There is also Srikandi, a trans-woman character fighter. They both are the first superheroes I knew but I don’t know much about his character.

Wonder Woman. She was a superhero with ideal beauty and body. Not much sense of humor like Greatest American Hero. I like to see a woman with superpower. When I was a little, it felt wonderful to see a woman with super power. Well, I still feel the same today. Also the fact that she was a working woman, she has a career and still manage to save people around her.

Dragon Ball is a different kind of hero. I soon realized that he was originated from myth creature that many Asian people know as Hanuman or Hanuman or monkey king. I then know him as Sun Go Kong. I love the story. I know Ramayana and Mahabarata a long time through traditional Javanese stories. Dragon Ball just a cool monkey. As a male monkey, I don’t have a reference for what an ideal monkey is. I don’t even know if there is a handsome monkey. Dragon Ball has a quite good sense of humor. Anyway, he is a cartoon character. I enjoy watching him fighting his enemy in a fantasy land.

Yes, finally I can write about my superhero. During those times, I didn’t know much about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and other superhero characters. I still like Greatest American Hero with his simplicity, sillyness, and I don’t think he’s trying to save the world. He just trying to save the day of average people. He wasn’t acting tough or cool or pretty. I think it’s difficult enough to mind your super power, especially when you don’t want it and you don’t want people to know about it. He is one of my greatest hero.

Bogor, 29 Mei 2020

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