Hold my tears

I am too young to think it will last forever
I am too naive to think you will change
I am too stupid to think you are the one

You have slipped away from my heart
You have move further from my side
It’s been hard to understand
Really sick to spent time to know why

Nevermind, don’t feel sorry for me
I’ll be fine, I will move on by the moons
Nevermind, forget all my attention and care
It was nothing to remember

I risk the stigma just to get your smile
I fight my life so I can hold your hands
They don’t know how safe I am in your eyes
If it’s wrong why it feels right
If you don’t feel the same, allow me to cry

I am not sorry to have you once
I let you go because it’s been worthwhile

I will let you stay in my heart
I will let you fly and bye

You’ve been the best part of me
When you’re gone, I hold my tears
Please don’t feel sorry,
Because it’s been worthwhile

Bogor, 4 Juni 2020

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