Evil to myself

Don’t say you love me, you know nothing about me
I am not the same person you see in Instagram
I am not the cool idol you see in music video

I am what you don’t see in reality show
That just the way it goes
I was not the happy face you saw in YouTube
You’ll be surprised to know how plain I am

I may not up to your expectation
I am not the same persona in your imagination
I am trained to be the person you love to see
Nothing as you want me to be

I won’t lie, you caught my attention
But are you ready to go with me?
I can be raw and fragile

Don’t say you love me, we’re not there yet
I am complicated, sometimes an evil to myself
Don’t go too fast, we don’t need to rush
Walk with me, we will get there

Bogor, 12 Juni 2020

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