Why didn’t I write?

I haven’t update this blog for a month. Why? I was not in the mood.
Translation for this statements are:
– I was too angry to write
– I was too exhausted to write
– I was confused about my feelings
– I was overwhelmed by everything
– I was busy digesting what happen
– I was too sick
– I didn’t know where to start
– I was trying to be in the present and less care about writing it
– I was busy with my works
– I was trying to enjoy my life (which is weird that I need to make an effort for it)
– I deliberately ignore my wellbeing
– I don’t want to push myself too hard
– I was drinking coffee so I get sick (my stomach couldn’t take it)
– My eyes were itchy
– I forgot I have a website
– Writing is not fun and became a burden
– I was overthinking

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