What is rest?

How do you know that the activity you’re doing is a rest? What if you are still thinking something else? Can we have 100 percent rest? What types of rest are they? Why am I asking these questions?

Maybe because I often have intention to take a rest but ended up not feeling fresh afterward. There is expectation that you will feel better after you take a rest. So when you don’t feel better and refresh, you ask yourself, maybe there is something wrong about my rest? Or maybe, you or I can’t take a proper rest for some reasons.

I once read that taking sometime off from social media is a rest of its kind. I mean there are times watching other people’s photos and cute videos make us happy. I don’t want to update myself of the world. I just want to watch funny cat videos. Is that a rest?

Sometimes reading horror story in Twitter timeline can be entertaining. It doesn’t make you feel better, it makes you feel scared but you like it. You are curious about what will happen next.

Does resting mean heal one’s mental health? If it done properly. So what is proper rest? How can I have one?

I think rest allow you to slow down. And as Haenim Sunim once wrote, there are things we can see and feel better when we are slowing down our pace. Especially if slowing down is a conscious decision to be present. There are many daily wisdoms in our lives that we ignore and unaware of. I think you know you have proper rest when you feel more aware, more alive, more grateful, more sensitive to what happen inside and around you.

How can you do that? By stepping back, not rushing into the deadline, be aware of your breaths, your inner feelings. Maybe.

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