Quiet time

I need to have quiet moment to write. It also one of the reason I am often using headphone or earphone. It is to block any sound, not just music or noises. Being quiet not only from the sound outside but also inside. Often it is your inside voice or sound that rampage in your mind that you can’t write. It’s too crowded. I am introvert both inside and outside.

Once I get the flow, I can turn on voices or music. I usually write slowly. It takes time to put your heart into sentences. It takes time to decide the words to describe your emotions. It takes a courage to write your heart out.

Right now, I can appreciate one paragraph I wrote or an article with only three short paragraphs. It is a bit challenge to write facts about my feelings. I need to make sure I feel it, acknowledge it, before I can put a name on it. It’s okay to be wrong too. Also, feelings change, sometimes very fast.

In the process of acknowledge my feeling, sometimes I need to interpret it. It’s not naturally speaking for itself; the feelings are floating and shifting in my mind and my heart. It feels like feeling has its own life. Maybe.

When I tune into the feeling, I can listen to music to create certain flow to accompany my story. Although in some moments, it can ruin the flow. I need to find my quiet moment to be “productive”; means to be at the present whatever the feeling. So if I feel in desperate, I can write my desperation; if I feel sad, I can write about my sadness; if I feel explode, I can write about explosion. No censorship inside. Just write

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