Organization is not a family

A reminder from Daniel Abrahams @daniel-abrahams

Stop calling your company “a family”. Parents don’t fire their children for poor performance, or lay them off to cut household costs when they’re struggling to put food on the table. Focus on being a team, built on trust and respect, where every person feels valued. Ultimately, your company isn’t defined by your words, but by your actions.

You may feel comfortable and safe in your organization or company where you work, which is fabolous. Congrats! But it’s a workplace and it has certain responsibility, deadlines, evaluation of performance, working hours, etc. Set the boundaries!

You may be the co-founder of the organization and you have working hard to fundraise for it. It’s your responsibility. Congrats! You’re doing great job and grow the organization or company to its form today. It will grow further and you may disagree with the future leaders. That’s great! You’re not making pupper leaders but leaders for their own era and context. Your style may not working for the current theme. Some things are the same, some are changing. You maybe changing but you don’t realize it.

You’re a leader, not an idol. People are not supposed to idolize you. Sometimes it’s inevitable; wanting to be respected, admired, invited, etc. That’s okay. But don’t forget the focus; build and taking care strong team of leaders.

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