a bit scary

It’s a bit scary
When you have so much to say
But unable to voice them
Unsure about the language to use
Afraid about the risks

It’s a bit scary
To be brave with many privileges
To be poor with less options

How powerless we should be?
How traumatized we should be?
How much intersectionalities should we bear?
Like, how do you count them?
How do we taking care of injustice?

It’s a bit scary
To be pessimist with many enemies
Sometimes they are your families

It’s a bit too much
To love and care for yourself
We don’t know how and why

It’s painful to tell stories
And tell yourself that it’s okay
To be this low and high
To be vulnerable and breakable
And hear your own voice tremble

It’s a bit scary
To listen without judging
To know nothing and everything
To fail on people’s expectation
To trust yourself and the process

It should be scary
It shouldn’t be easy

18 Januari 2023

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