• Lirik-Puisi


    We were both babies when I fall for youYour dimple and doe eyesSteal my glances They said don’t act too gayBe a manly boy on stageSo I hold my feeling for you Baby let’s go to our hideout at the parkWhere we kiss in the darkThis love is full of fear but I will not apologizeWonder how long we can live this way I’ll be your fairy and you’ll be my Peter PanThis is not everyone fairy taleWhere we live happily ever afterBecause we will fight till the end But I get tired of feeling shameWho I am is not a sinI am not a disposable mistake Baby hold my…

  • Lirik-Puisi

    Sweetest tea

    Someone out thereFeels better because of youSomeone also missing you like crazy That someone needs you as the guiding lightYou are the shine for someone’s bleak daysYou are the reason for someone’s happiness Someone is lost without youYou are the smile on someone’s lipsSometimes you don’t know itBecause you take yourself lightly You are the best someone’s could ever hadYour smile is the sweetest teaI wish you knew Bogor, Februari 2021

  • Lirik-Puisi

    Be my safe space

    Heal at your paceI will be your safe spaceI don’t want to drag you to my painBecause you bring me nothing but smile I can’t leave you aloneI’ve cut my vein to stop the painLoving you is a wonderful solution You will be betterYou will get strongerYou will be my butter I love everybroken pieces of yoursLet’s make them intoBeautiful collageIt may take long timeI may be broken again One step at a timeYou will find the wayYou are made to be a fighterAnd hold the dawnOn your palm Niken LestariBogor, 2020

  • Sajak-Saya

    Scars and blood

    these are my scarsthis is my bloodI won’t be ashamed of them I’ve been at the bottomand broken downI’ve been cut and steppedso I hide out I’ve been too pretty and too uglyI have been hurtno self pride and self worth I want myself like nothing elseI make a peace with all my pastI will stand up to my fear If it’s too muchI will rest but I won’t stopThis pain is rooted deepIt may take lifetime to take it out I’ve shed blood over my veinsI promised not to hold any tearsI will carry on Bogor, 18 Oktober 2020Forevernikn

  • Sajak-Saya


    You don’t have to be the sunto warm my heartYou don’t have to be the moonto calm my soul You don’t need to be my medicinejust be my friendYou don’t need to bring me diamondjust open up your mind You don’t need to be the hurricanejust scream You don’t need to be the stormbecause I will ease your pain Be hereat the moment, with me Bogor, 17 Oktober 2020forevernikn

  • Sajak-Saya

    Evil to myself

    Don’t say you love me, you know nothing about meI am not the same person you see in InstagramI am not the cool idol you see in music video I am what you don’t see in reality showThat just the way it goesI was not the happy face you saw in YouTubeYou’ll be surprised to know how plain I am I may not up to your expectationI am not the same persona in your imaginationI am trained to be the person you love to seeNothing as you want me to be I won’t lie, you caught my attentionBut are you ready to go with me?I can be raw and fragile…

  • Sajak-Saya

    Hold my tears

    I am too young to think it will last foreverI am too naive to think you will changeI am too stupid to think you are the one You have slipped away from my heartYou have move further from my sideIt’s been hard to understandReally sick to spent time to know why Nevermind, don’t feel sorry for meI’ll be fine, I will move on by the moonsNevermind, forget all my attention and careIt was nothing to remember I risk the stigma just to get your smileI fight my life so I can hold your handsThey don’t know how safe I am in your eyesIf it’s wrong why it feels rightIf you…

  • Sajak-Saya

    Doesn’t matter

    Harder to breath when memories flood your mindsI lost seconds and hours counting the unconsented touchesI lost the years blaming myself being born as femaleI was in inexplicable rage for 20 years I searched for ways to unite with my bodyI tried to be at peace with misogynyI was being patient as a victim Doesn’t matter, I found outNevermind, they saidMove on, they pointedLike everything is my faultLike unwanted sex is part of normal life I lost count of humiliationI lost the time to become a womanI lost the traces of self-confidence I stop searchingI stop tryingI stop being patient No longer sorry to be in angerI am the effect,…

  • Sajak-Saya

    Safe space

    You don’t need to check up on me every 1,2, or 3 hoursIf we want to know how much we love, we have to learn to trustI don’t need you every time I get sickI need to take care myself before I can take care of you Give us safe space to be alone with our feelingSo I can appreciate every moment you are near I don’t need to check up on you every hourI believe you’ll catch me when I am fallingI let you free to be on your ownBecause you’re precious to many people I know you are strong enough to become a loverI will never complete you…

  • Perjalanan-Saya

    Remember the day

    Do you remember the day when words slips at your finger tips easily?Do you remember when you try to understand life through poetry?Do you remember when you rather die because of depression?Do you remember than once you were that young? I remember those daysI remember the pain flowing through letters and wordsI remember when I can breathe at the end of line and verseI remember crying at the end of each poem I remember the sadness of being new humannot knowing who am I and what lie aheadI remember hated my own sexuality and wished to be born with penisI remember questioning god and my existence Do you remember the…