• Pengalaman-Saya

    Quiet time

    I need to have quiet moment to write. It also one of the reason I am often using headphone or earphone. It is to block any sound, not just music or noises. Being quiet not only from the sound outside but also inside. Often it is your inside voice or sound that rampage in your mind that you can’t write. It’s too crowded. I am introvert both inside and outside. Once I get the flow, I can turn on voices or music. I usually write slowly. It takes time to put your heart into sentences. It takes time to decide the words to describe your emotions. It takes a courage…

  • Perjalanan-Saya

    Pencapaian selama 3 hari

    Pada konseling minggu lalu, aku menyatakan bahwa menyelesaikan laporan semester dan tahunan tidak aku anggap sebagai pencapaian. Bahkan tidak termasuk pencapaian kecil. Aku merasa target tersebut sudah dibuat oleh pihak lain yang harus aku sepakati dengan suatu imbalan. Akhirnya aku membuat sendiri pencapaianku, yaitu target yang aku buat untuk diriku sendiri. Target 1. Selesai membaca 1 buku selama 1 minggu. Temanya bebas.Target 2. Berjalan kaki minimal 3 KM setiap hari.Target 3. Maksimal hanya 3 jam/hari membuka atau menggunakan Instagram.Malamnya aku langsung ke Togamas di Suhat untuk membeli 2 buku. Satu kumpulan puisi, satunya kumpulan cerpen. Sabtu, 17 April. Lumayan, bisa membaca beberapa halaman. Buku puisi itu lebih sulit dibaca dibanding…

  • Lirik-Puisi

    A story to tell

    I’ll tell you a storyAbout a boy helplessly in love Hold your opinionDon’t put stamp on my faceIf this feeling is wrongHow can it last this long? If you’re a faultThen why am I feeling so right?Is it real or are we just friend?Or are we stray from the start? I’ll tell you a storyThat nobody wants to hearAnd I can’t say it too loudBecause it’s about loving myself They said it’s a choiceI can be normal butI already feel so naturalWhen I lay in your arms Bogor, 2020

  • Sajak-Saya

    Hold my tears

    I am too young to think it will last foreverI am too naive to think you will changeI am too stupid to think you are the one You have slipped away from my heartYou have move further from my sideIt’s been hard to understandReally sick to spent time to know why Nevermind, don’t feel sorry for meI’ll be fine, I will move on by the moonsNevermind, forget all my attention and careIt was nothing to remember I risk the stigma just to get your smileI fight my life so I can hold your handsThey don’t know how safe I am in your eyesIf it’s wrong why it feels rightIf you…

  • Sajak-Saya

    Safe space

    You don’t need to check up on me every 1,2, or 3 hoursIf we want to know how much we love, we have to learn to trustI don’t need you every time I get sickI need to take care myself before I can take care of you Give us safe space to be alone with our feelingSo I can appreciate every moment you are near I don’t need to check up on you every hourI believe you’ll catch me when I am fallingI let you free to be on your ownBecause you’re precious to many people I know you are strong enough to become a loverI will never complete you…

  • Pengalaman-Saya

    Suara kurang ajar!

    Kalau diingat lagi ke belakang, sepertinya sejak 2010 aku mulai mengalami kesulitan untuk menulis puisi. Iya, puisi yang menurut orang kebanyakan permainan kata dan curhat versi ringkas. Kalau tidak salah ingat, aku mulai menulis puisi ketika kelas 5 SD. Gara-garanya aku membaca buku Setanggi Timur karya Amir Hamzah di perpustakaan keliling. Seimut itu aku membaca Setanggi Timur dan aku dibuat galau. Meskipun aku tidak sepenuhnya paham dengan puisi Amir Hamzah tapi ada perasaan geli dan semilir angin di dada ketika membacanya. Persis perasaan ketika orang jatuh cinta. Duh, Setanggi Timur. Sudah berapa tahun aku tidak membacanya? Kangen. Aku ingin dibuat jatuh cinta lagi. Aku ingin merasakan geli digelitik rasa dingin…